frequently asked questions

Who can submit an electoral reform recommendation to this tracker?

This tracker is open for any citizen or organization to submit their electoral reform-related recommendations or proposals.


First, you have to register in the system and go to the ‘submit recommendation’ option on the ‘XXXX’ page. Provide relevant information and submit it for the review of system administrators/approvers. You will receive a response regarding either acceptance or rejection of your submission to the system.


If you see a need for change or update in the content, status or any other information of this online tracker, you may use the ‘contact us’ option to let us know the specifics changes that you would like to see on the system. Your suggestions will be reviewed and incorporated if it is relevant and applicable.


You should first register with the tracker, to use this feature. Once registered, then go to the ‘my interests’ option on your dashboard and select relevant recommendations or any other item that you would like to track. The tracker will notify any changes through the email you provided during your registration.


Yes, this tracker is designed in a way to accommodate and make it accessible for PWDs as much as possible. Specific features and options are available on the site that serve a variety of requirements based on the special requirement. To access those features and options, click on the persons icon on the top left corner of the screen, and use relevant features as required.